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wholesale madre de cacao soap for dogs

Madre de Cacao soap - NURTURAL SKINCARE- wholesale madre de cacao soap for dogs ,Madre de Cacao Pet soap with Neem PHP 75.00 It has saponified oils and pure Madre de Cacao extract that naturally remedies skin problems in humans & pets. It has lavander & bergamot that acts as a natural insect repellant.Gliricidia sepium - WikipediaThe common name madre de cacao (literally "mother of cacao" in Spanish) used in Central America and the Philippines is in reference to its traditional use as shade trees for cocoa tree plantations. Other. G. sepium is widely used in the form of poles for live fencing in Cuba and India. This is one of the best plants used for traditional live ...

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FurCare Madre De Cacao Shampoo for Dogs Restores fur loss, Avoids all kinds of parasite, Leaves fur with healthier and softer strands, Anti-dandruff, Anti itch and mange (galis). Helps get rid of ticks and fleas. Deodorizes skin (R2024) 500 ml = P308.00 (R2025) 250 ml = P168.00 (R2026) 100 ml = P84.00

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Madre de Cacao Soap Benefits for Pets: Anti-Flea and Tick Anti-Mange / Anti-Mites Anti-Bacterial Eliminates Odors Heals Hot Spots, Sores, Wounds, Rashes Leaves Fur Beautifully Soft and Healthy Relieves Dry, Itchy Skin Fragrance and Colorant FREE Natural Pet Soap & Shampoo

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Jul 01, 2015·The Papi herbal soap is made for dogs and cats with skin problems and could use some scrubbing of pure Madre De Cacao soap. A box costs more or less P80.

Treat your dog's scabies with Kakawate

Lots of people recommend Kakawate as nature's remedy for dog's common skin problems. Also known as Madre Cacao or Madre de Cacao, the Kakawate is scientifically considered as the second most important multi-purpose legume tree with wide healing properties.

(DOC) The Antifungal Property of Madre de Cacao ...

The Antifungal Property of Madre de Cacao (Gliricidia sepium) Leaves Extract: Its Effects on Skin Diseases