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what is hth chemical for disinfectant

Rationale and Considerations for Chlorine Use in Infection ...- what is hth chemical for disinfectant ,The hth® range of cleaning products covers the whole spectrum of chemical cleaning - de-scalers which also remove stains left by mineral deposits, detergents to generally clean and de-grease and disinfectants to eliminate bacteria caused by micro-organisms.Disinfection with Chlorine | Public Water Systems ...Chlorine was first used in the U.S. as a major disinfectant in 1908 in Jersey City, New Jersey 3.Chlorine use became more and more common in the following decades, and by 1995 about 64% of all community water systems in the United States used chlorine to disinfect their water 3.

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Annex 7. Disinfection Disinfectants Chlorine is the best disinfectant for use against A(H5N1) contamination. There are two main reasons for this: 1. In many countries it is the only cheap and easily available disinfectant effective against influenza viruses. 2. It is one of the few disinfectants that can safely be used in laboratories where PCR


Calcium hypochlorite, hydrated is a white granular solid or tablets compressed from the granules having an odor of chlorine. It is noncombustible, but it will accelerate the burning of combustible materials.

Better than Bleach: Use Calcium Hypochlorite to Disinfect ...

May 04, 2005·Calcium hypochlorite is one of the best chemical disinfectants for water, better than household bleach by far. It destroys a variety of disease causing organisms including bacteria, yeast, fungus, spores, and viruses.

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Calcium hypochlorite is an inorganic compound with formula Ca(ClO) 2.It is the main active ingredient of commercial products called bleaching powder, chlorine powder, or chlorinated lime, used for water treatment and as a bleaching agent. This compound is relatively stable and has greater available chlorine than sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach). It is a white solid, although commercial ...