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Top 10 Strange Facts About Soap - Listverse- strange collections soap bars why ,May 14, 2009·4 Soap Bars' Collection. A pensioner from Birmingham, UK, collected more than 5,000 bars of soap from all over the world. Carol Vaughn, 65, has been collecting the impressive horde since 1991 and has no plans of throwing in the towel. Her collecting started as a way to pass the time while she was caring for her mother, and now has seen her ...Body Wash & Beauty Bars I CaressPamper your skin with Caress' body wash and beauty bar products. Experience our expertly crafted fragrances for an immersive shower experience.

Soap Information - Interesting Facts about Soap

Soap is a combination of animal fat or vegetable oil and caustic soda. Through the ages soap has been used to wash wool in textile industry, to cure skin sores and diseases, to dye hair, and as a salve or skin ointment. But today it is generally used as a cleanser or perfume. There are some interesting facts about soap.

Five reasons some people prefer bars of soap to liquid ...

Mar 07, 2015·All that plastic has to come from somewhere and go somewhere. Recycling can only do so much, whereas typically a bar of soap comes in a little paper wrapper and that's it.

8 Things You Never Knew Soap Could Do | HuffPost Life

May 23, 2014·Place a bar of soap in each shoe overnight. Take out in the morning and they'll smell as good as new! 6. Pincushion: Wrap a bar of soap in a thin piece of fabric and secure in place with a cute ribbon, using it as a pincushion. Added bonus: the soap makes needles easier to stick in fabric. 7.

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Oct 02, 2014·"A bar of soap won't hurt you, but this cure is pure magical thinking." Muscle cramps can be caused by dehydration and low levels of minerals in your blood. Leave the soap in the bathroom ...

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Aug 24, 2012·As strange as this tale sounds, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to back it up. ... Many people posting to online health forums swear by this home remedy, claiming that unwrapped soap bars ...

32 Unconventional Bar Soaps -

Unconventional soap bars also feature unique additions such as coffee, fruit enzymes or camel's milk as main ingredients. There are also plenty of novelty bar soap designs to be admired, including ones that take the form of leaves, chocolate bars, gems or even noses.

64 This Company Makes The Most Hilarious Soaps Ever ...

In fact, thanks to Whiskey River Soap Co, there's a soap for pretty much anything and anybody you can think of. From weird teachers, creep uncles, and crazy exes, to geeks, queens and introverts, their amusing and endlessly inventive range of hygiene products (they also do bath bombs) means you'll never be stuck for Christmas presents ever again.

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